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Why Modisa?
What we do

Why modisa?

Saving Africa’s wildlife, isn’t that hopeless? What makes Modisa different? These are all relevant questions. However, we believe it isn’t hopeless, but it has to be approached properly and scientifically. This is exactly what makes Modisa different. We may have a dream to preserve the wildlife, but we don’t work in dreams, we work with achievable goals. By reaching these goals, is what makes dreams come true.

What we do

In the local language of Setwana, Modisa means guardian. It is our mission, to act as protectors and advokates for Botswana’s wildlife. To enforce that mission, we have identified three key elements: Local involvement, international participation and academic research projects, supervised by Dr. Kelley Crew Meyer and Thoralf Meyer connected to the University of Texas At Austin.


Your african adventure

Modisa has created a unique volunteer program, by allowing people from all over the world to get a firsthand, real life experience in the African bush. Some volunteers use their stay as a part of their education, some as a unique opportunity of a holiday that makes a difference.

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